Apply As Instructor

Earn money by your knowledge and experience

You might have spent a lot of time and energy on getting a high score, a beautiful accent, or a great offer. Why not let your hard work pay immediately by helping others?

What do you need?

A high score in a test, a beautiful accent, or an offer from a top university/company.

What you’ll get?

Competitively high payment, interact with an elite community, and useful courses provided by others.

How to become a teacher


Register as a teacher on the website.

Submit your LinkedIn link,teaching plan/materials and certificate/score if applicable.

Take the interview.

Add your course on the website and start your journey as a tutor at Oxbridge connect!
1. You are not able to teach some subjects if the score does not meet the standard or want to teach a subject that requires a certificate without a certificate

2. New tutors with no teaching experience can start classes only after finishing online training

3. For each new student, the teacher should provide a 30-minute free trial lesson and communicate with the student to determine whether you are a good match

4. After each class, the teacher needs to send a word version of teaching notes to the students, including knowledge points, precautions, and homework, feedback to evaluate the student's learning effect, summarize the problems shown during the class, and suggestions after the end of the class. Completion of the lesson & word version of the teaching plan together means the current lesson is deemed to be successfully completed.

5. After receiving the word material, students will give ratings based on the satisfaction of the class.

6. The payment will be calculated in hours and will be billed monthly.
What you can teach?

Anything you are really good at.

English speaking/TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT/SAT test preparation
Coding in Python, R, SQL, Stata, etc.

University application,CV edition, job application,etc.

You can also teach cooking, sports, music, arts, etc.

Make use of your experience, major, and hobbies to help others and make money!